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10-17-2012, 02:03 PM
I like it. I have nothing to say about step 1.

Step two (fortifying) isn't easy to figure out but after a first run we know what to do.

Step 3 (defending homes) takes a lot of DPS. The mobs don't dps a lot but they are pretty resilient. Fortunately i was with my tac in full KHG Mk XII set and it wasn't too much! I needed evry single bit of dps i could get and my grenades made a difference here. I'm not sure what my sci could do in this part. People running anywhere. Didn't notice any teamwork attempt during our tribble testing event in that part, even if the map is obviously designed to make it easier.

Step 4 (escorting civilians) . This part requires a lot of organization, pugs won't do it efficiently that's a fact. Since most of them expect it to work like a solo mission where they can do their own stuff the way they want without caring about other players, it will be the hardest part of the game. There will always be 10 player heading to one spot while the rest of the group will struggle on the three last spots. Excellent DPS and heavy healing abilities will be required, but I guess that a good and experienced player in each team could do it.

Step 5 (waiting for the shuttle). A lot of very resilient mobs, I don't like being held while the two other players can't handle the protection of the area. This is quite frustrating in this part.

Overall: good job, I do like the fact that this mission requires a brain and cooperation, even if it also requires a lot of dps in some parts. It's not hard to predict that pugs will have very poor results in this instance though.

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