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06-27-2009, 03:50 AM
Powerhelm, you should realize that you come across as very condescending. Not every disabled person is going to know a great deal about video games. The interview could have been specifically targetted for them on Ablegamers site, we don't know. Cryptic put a posting on their site about the interview because they wanted to, Ablegamers didn't force Cryptic to put it up.

However, for those disabled that regularly do play PC games and for the rest of us, the questions were on the 'duh' side. Afterall, what game doesn't have remappable keys? Most games have text if theres voiceovers as well. As for colorblind.... well that's something that I wouldn't really call being disabled over.... and being colorblind doesn't have that great of an affect when playing a game, except in some specific circumstances when playing a game.

Also, like you said Powerhelm, the only other thing Cryptic could take into account is support for some of the few input devices for people with limited motion and possibly voice command as well (though that'd be freakin awesome for everyone).

However, taking those into account could take valuable developement time and probably wouldn't be in Cryptics best interest. Spending lots of development time and money into building more support for those input devices isn't a good investment.