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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
What I don't really get is why they made the new Borg set almost completely a kinetic weapons load and then made the bonus one to weap power. To be honest I'm not sure what possible ship that would go well with, a DBB/cannon Recon maybe? But then you're so low on weapon slots...

Unless there's something I'm missing it seems very misguided.
It's hard to say, if the cutting beam really is kinetic damage (I know what it says but this is Cryptic) then I have to wonder if the 2-piece KHG set would work with it; if that is the case then I know of several platforms that this would work on from the B'rel to the Bortasqu.

However, I think that, again, this would work best on this would work best on non-tac boats like assault cruisers and the like where they need to spend more skill points to get weapon power up to 125 and get drained hard by large broadsides. All this is speculative though since we don't know the firing arcs, damage, or anything at all really.....

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