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10-17-2012, 02:41 PM
my personal favorite build, just because it is so darn useful in a variety of situations... is engineer captain, fleet recon science vessel.

what i run for gear is 4 AP beam arrays, a the breen transphasic cluster torpedo in front, transphasic mines in rear, 2 armor consoles, switched out based on what im doing, for borg, i go with plasma based consoles, for fleet events, i use kinetic based ones. for science consoles, i run 4 particle generators... you might ask why, and the explanation will come later when i get to boffs. for tac consoles, i use 2 AP consoles, and 2 transphasic consoles.

for boffs, i run tac team 1 (EXTREMELY usefull in fleet blockade event for obvious reasons), beam overload 1, and dispersal pattern beta 1 (for the mines, useful againts birds of prey and raptors in cure and probes and nanite spheres in the other 2 stfs) for science, this is where it gets fun... polarize hull for the occasional tractor beam, photonic officer to speed up my boff skill refreshes, feedback pulse 2 for a little more dps against multiple enemies (this helps me keep an entire squadron of enemies tied up on one side by me alone in fleet alert) and grav well 3 - this is where the 4 science consoles come in. gives me an fairly often extra grav well spawned near the other, and sometimes even 3. these consoles also up the damage feedback pulse does btw. for the other boff, i use science team 1 for when tac team is refreshing (i know they share the same cooldown, but its usually up faster than tac team... i only use it in emergencies... i usually just wait for tac team to refresh) i use tractor beam repulsors for when grav wells are both down, and also to grab agro from as many enemies as possible so its less damage on the freighters in fleet blockade. coupled with evasive manuvers, this skill can hit many enemies in a short ammount of time, even if they are spread out farther than the reach of the tractor repulsors, not to mention if you position your ship correctly, you can knock some of them far enough away from the freighters to keep them off it long enough for it to progress and warp out. when doing cure space, it along with grav well keeps the birds back away from the kang long enough that even i can dps it down without being an escort. and finally i use grav well 2 for the rare occations when both tractor repulsors and grav well 3 are both down and i need to tie something up. for the engineer boff i use EPS and RSP for just myself when needed to help my own survivability against multiple enemies in fleet alert and blockade.

this setup is incredibly survivable, and also extremely useful for a variety of situations when you need someone to keep some ships occupied while the rest of the team handles the rest.

i must admit that once i respeced my skills to maximize my weapon dps, and up my science dps and abilities with particle generators and graviton generators, this became one of the most fun builds i have ever played, and i have usually built dps escort builds for all my captains in the past. this one is far more fun, and the tractor beam repulsors do a suprising ammount of damage even without using any consoles to increase it.