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10-17-2012, 04:00 PM
First, a new UI complaint. The new version doesn't show you how many people have queued already. if I'm the only person that enters the 20-man Mine queue and can't tell, i could have to wait quite a while before it is blindly filled by others til it's ready.

First bit about warning them was simple enough, but it seems odd that I have to tell 3 individual standing together 3 seperate time to get inside. Perhaps the "get inside" 'command' should be a short ranged AoE interact?

The fixing of the houses, did you know that those tall supply boxes don't like short characters? i had to jump around them to get the interact to pop up. And shouldn't the doors that need barricaded have an interact glow? It was hard to tell which needed fixed and which didn't.

The escape, the same suggestion with the initial warning. they would stop running and stand next to each other, why can't I "yell" at the group of them?

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Each time we finished one of the phases, any remaining salt vampires went untargetable and sat down on the ground. I think a better way to clear the board between phases is needed. For that matter, why clear it at all?
This^^ Why not just let us keep shooting them down while people escape? They don't have to attack the civilians, just keep coming after us. This would add a little bit of action to those acting as rear guard if some Saltys would follow after.
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2.) There really should be accolades and titles for the M-113 vampires. Two suggestion would be "Salt Vampire Slayer" or "Salt Vampire Hunter".
"Salty the Vampire Slayer"
or just "Salty" to get a Naval reference.
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