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06-27-2009, 06:47 AM
What of artificial officers? Holograms, androids, etc....

How are bridge officers obtained? Character creator? Obtained during missions? Hired from a pool of candidates at a base? Some combination of these?

Klingon officers tend to get their promotions via killing their direct superior, surely my Klingon captain wont be replacing officers every week because they keep picking fights with each other. Though with the Klingon faction being said to provide a different play experience, are there any differences in how Klingon faction officers work versus their Federation counterparts?

Will we have junior officers, like the ensign of the week flying the Enterprise-D in TNG? What about enlisted? Would such junior members be like those from Lower Decks or first season Worf/La Forge (named characters who can be promoted to senior staff), or nameless canon fodder?