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Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
Technology could change over 31 years
If you're referring to Fed Transphasic torp tech changing, that would need to be a backward/reverse technological change(remember Janeway brought them back from the future - And I would say from her age progressed look in that episode, about 30 years in the future). They must have had fairly good utility against the borg of her future time for her to bring them back as the deus ex machina weapon. So the Fed would have tooled the transphasic torps down over the next 30 years? - I doubt it.

If you're referring to the Borg adapting to transphasic technology, OK. But then why do the Borg in STO seem so much more susceptible to all the other weapons(i.e. beams, photons, quantums, cannons, etc...) now then they did back in 2379. Assuming equal progression of technology over 30 years on both sides; the borg would have massively adapted to transphasics while regressing on their adaptation to everything else(and "everything else" back in 2379 couldn't even touch the borg). It doesn't make sense. It makes more sense that the STO devs really did not understand the whole idea behind the awesome power of transphasic projectile technology and just integrated them into STO as they would any other weapon.