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10-17-2012, 03:33 PM
Too generic of a description.

A high resist shield build w/high regen built in will absorb a lot of damage if they're not debuffed and it's sustainable depending on the target and it's build.

You can be debuffed and have your defenses lowered.

The KDF Vet ship and Fleet Torkaht can really put out a lot of dps compared to what's out there which has been imo a needed boost to the KDF. Though the Lotus has lolz GDF etc potentional AOE damage.

Lotto ships can really absorb and or do damage depending on the ship or build.

Feds are going to have their own 5 tac console escorts (to go w/the Jem) if they aren't here yet.

I mainly PuG PvP arena/C&H and can tell you it's night and day comparing players who know how to build and use their build vs those who don't. Usually, it's those who don't that are in the greater #s at any given time.