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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
LOL, rerolling for a small gear change. If you need to do that your build is rather weak. But trust me it will have very little consequence if you don't respec because a good build is a good build, whatever gear you're using.
Um, going from a 2+2 set where the toon's been completely built around those two sets on a particular ship - yeah, that is going to require a reroll.

edit: I suppose it seems silly to do a reroll over the loss of a 1% proc. The thing is - the toons are not built to take advantage of the 3-set bonuses from the main set. The individual part of the set that would be replaced to get that 3-set would also be the wrong part given the character's build. The BOFFs, DOFFs, skill points, the ship, etc, etc, etc - was built around concepts involving those 2+2 sets. Like I said in the other post though, it's just fluff - fun - I'll either find something else or I won't.

edit2: Perhaps it was that wtf kneejerk reaction - but in looking at two of the three in question, tbh - I'm fine just keeping them as they are - I like flying them. I actually see an opportunity for the third that did not exist previously that I'll do a reroll to include the wep/con set.

edit3: Who knows? I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and do something when I have to do something...

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