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10-17-2012, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by captkirrahe View Post
Well here I thought it would be obvious. Guess I need to lower my expectations from people on the forums again.
All I did was provide an example of another scenario where that would not work - which could have easily led to thoughts on that particular scenario and what might work... I totally get needing to lower expectations.

edit: And before somebody jumps in and cries this is forum PvP, I'm pretty sure we're just having a civil discussion about what can be also be done about the AFKing folks that most of us would like to punch in the face - er, with a very soft pillow - because there should not be anything akin to a threat of physical violence against the AFKing crap in matches, etc, etc, etc. So yeah, soft pillow - no hidden brick...ahem.

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