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I don't want to get into some pointless forum "battle" with you-

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
All I did was provide an example of another scenario where that would not work - which could have easily led to thoughts on that particular scenario and what might work... I totally get needing to lower expectations.
There was no "that" the example of inspecific:
"he/she didnt enter red alert for ~1 min" penalty, or something...
see the "or something". It's not our job to make the mechanics for the game especially when we don't know what's capable and not/easy to fit into the devs schedule. We're only asking for the devs to look into the conceived problems.

edit :
And before somebody jumps in and cries this is forum PvP
good catch on that, theres been a few claims of this "forum pvp" recently and I am yet to see fully fledged example of thus.

Your Ramming Speed III deals 52098 (99235) Kinetic Damage(Critical) to Remus.

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