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10-17-2012, 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by totallyrolled View Post
Welll blame this **** game with all the pets bs etc... that can lag you out. I am just using dsl too you know. But there are times I get littered with a p2w console spam gank and yeah I do log. I didn't play this game 900 days to take deaths from that bs. And frankly I don't care what people think since I am content with doing my own thing in this game now. So yes there are times I do admit to logging from this ****. At least I am honest about it unlike Ricky Bobby who those few matches a few weeks ago came back and played dumb about it. LOL. I actually come back and tell people why that happened everytime too. Maybe it will wake some people up.
it has nothing to do with spam. you're ego just can't take a loss. The other day, 3 pug's left a match because you were flying on the outside edges of the map to avoid us. It left one lone pugger to face us. You never even bothered to engage us to see that we had no carrier, and no p2w with us. So if we had no spam, why did you run? We talked your pug into leading us to you and guess what you did as soon as we cornered you on the edge of the map? Thats right, you pulled a "logout jonas" on us

Its cool if you dont care what others think, but why are you defending yourself then and throwing around counter accusations? Just curious...