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10-17-2012, 07:04 PM
This seemed like it was a trivial 'degrees of success' mission. You can't fail, you can only succeed so much.

It's not easy to see that to release a ship actually means you need to deactivate 4 beams rather than just one but otherwise their didn't seem to be any bugs and the overlay objective technology (that tells you how many points are available at each spot) is really nice.

Without knowing the reward structure it's hard to be too firm on an opinion here, but it feels like it should either build up to something, or rewards should scale exponentially.

If I were re-designing this encounter I would look at a few things:

Possibility A: Have a big tholian ship at the end that you need to fight, the more ships you save the more to help you fight. This might not work well because you'd be a dead man walking if you did poorly in the first part, so alternatively have more tholian ships at the end the more 'points' you earned, and the more ships you fight the more loot you get.

Possibility B: there are 4 bases. At any given time 3 will have a ship to rescue. You have to choose which one - but the trick is that a scimitar will be guarded by something *more* than 5x more powerful than a warbird, er bird of prey and roughly double that of a D'deridex. This presents a choice and risk for the player - spending time flying around to 1 point BoP's is easy, but you waste a lot of time in transit, but if you're good you can have a big risk and go for scimitars and d'deridexes repeatedly. It also creates tension towards the end 'is there enough time to get that 5 pointer, or do we settle for a 3?

I would have the reward scale roughly as 1.4-1.5^(points). Imagine dilithium. An 'ok' run might only net you 300 or 400. A really good run could net 3000 or 4000. But I'd have to think about that, because a well oiled group might be able to get 25 or 30 points and a weak pug 15 so that scaling may be too generous. It could just be discreet steps, but exponential growth makes for a lot of tension.

Right now the optional objectives in STF's create the wrong kind of tension, they aren't really hard so much as 'don't kill that yet' or 'who was supposed to cover that side?'.

Also, this mission seems to purely be a 'dps wins' scenario. Which I guess is OK, but you want to be looking at having a serious role for tanking and healing builds.