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06-27-2009, 11:50 AM
Originally Posted by nagash303 View Post
Mouse Button 4 = TAB I think you meant if you dont have a mouse button4 you align the function somewhere else.
  • TAB = togglescores
  • TAB = toggleafterburner
  • Mouse#4 = alwaysrun (the one function where you dont hit any key to run, what i used in wow)
  • Mouse#4 = firetorps
something like that?

nice interview, I liked it.
Actually, I was painting a 'worst' case situation, where the game wont recognise your Mouse Buttons properly --- ie, you cannot Assign 'Jump' to Mouse Button 4, because the program doesn't recognize it.

I have had this happen before, but was able to work around it, by:
  • Assigning Mouse Button 4 to TAB (via mouse software).
  • Assigning TAB to Jump (in game).
  • So, Mouse Button 4 = the same as hitting the TAB key, which the game recognizes as JUMP, so I can 'JUMP' with Mouse Button 4.

So where the Game might not recognize your input device directly (mouse buttons, game pad, foot pedals, VoiceCommand, etc), you could work around it by creating a more indirect function.