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06-27-2009, 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by Powerhelm View Post
The interview itself told us absolutely nothing because frankly, if you didn't think they'd have re-mappable keybindings then you're about 10+ years behind the times. Name a computer game made in the last 10 years that was both popular and forced all players to use one set of key maps w/o the ability to change them for customization?
What the interview DID was let people know that Ablegamers existed. I personaly had no idea they were even out there. Maybe the interview wasnt packed with info, but there may be alot of really useful info on their website that many people may not have known about.

And what did it cost us? Nothing! So 1 out of 100s of posts wasnt directed at the majority of the community. *Boo frickin hoo*. So dont read it, read it and not learn anything, or read it and appriciate it for what it was, but don't condem it on the forums just because it didnt give you a Trek Chubby.

As far as the "disabled people should just suck it up and quit complaining" tone of the rest of your post goes...well I am just embarrassed for you. The first time anyone EVER brings the subject up on the forums, and several people feel the need to spew intolorance all over it.