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06-27-2009, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by AbleGamers View Post

It was not the best interview we did, because email interviews are not that great ever. As to why we asked some of the questions we asked is because those that read our site are not necessarily uber fans like many of you are here, so we have to assume that they are not following the game to the level you do, so a question about when it takes place is valid. Maybe some people that were NOT looking at this game are in fact looking at it now, and that is a win.

I am not a disabled gamer, but I was very pleased to see both your site and the interview.

Obviously, I was not expecting the Interview to be directed towards ME, but rather that it was more an introductory Article about the Game, to patrons of AbleGamers (and basically a 'hey' STO is Friendly to these types of gamers as well).

So I think people expecting some 'breaking new info', are misinterpreting the reason for the interview, imo.

Regardless, I thought it was good interview, and again, I am glad to discover such sites exist, and that developers embrace them in their PR tours.