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10-17-2012, 08:19 PM
Perhaps my first post was a bit short,

What about a simple vote system?
I think that will be the only reasonable thing to implement.

There will have to be a certain about of people in order to make it work,

Preferably only people from their own team can vote to kick (Like if all 3 of 5 vote to kick that one guy out?) or 4/5 but that might give the issue of some noob that doesnt even know what vote kicking is...

Only the team that has the afk'er can basically gain something from voting to kick out their fellow teamplayer.

This way we can simply ban out dilithium farmers and afk'ers, and pvp'ers which simply suck on purpose.

Also it wouldnt be so hard to implement to simply deny access to the regular queues with shuttles i.e.

And what about an additional detection system where no scoreboard stats for over 5 minutes simply auto warps the guy out.

Also, disconnects and purpose warpouts can be easily detected because you manually trigger the warpout button.
If you disconnect on purpose by physically pull out the cable it will d/c you, but when you relog you are being throw in the exact same match. I doubt people will go that far and they will deny themselves from continuing playing their toon until they finish the match. Again the warpout button should penalize you for AT LEAST an hour on ALL toons.

Its never 100% failsafe, but i think all the above ideas would make this aspect of pvp alot bettter.

Pretty sure most of these ideas already passed by in the far past, but i'm just trying to get this under the attention again, specifically to the address of the devs.


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