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06-27-2009, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by Holoclone
Will my bridge crew all advance at the same rate?

Here is some info on this, but not a direct answer:
Ten Ton Hammer: Are the bridge officers another of the customization elements that players will acquire throughout various aspects of normal gameplay?

Craig Zinkievich: Definitely. Youíll pick up different members as you play, or youíll run across unique alien races that have unique, cool skills that you canít get any other way. And whether or not you take one of those guys and recruit him into Starfleet or whether you ask him to train one of your bridge officers in those skills is really up to you. I mean, you donít want to start off with Spock and then have to cut Spock loose just because you found some phat loot. So youíll be able to train up your bridge officers. Some people donít care, but personally I do Ė the attachment to the bridge officers is a big part of the game.

But the skills that they learn, the bridge officers will level up those skills. You get points that youíll spend to say, look with this guy I want this skill to be better. They rank up along with you, so you have to promote them throughout the game. So thereís a lot of advancement for your bridge officers as well as you.