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Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
well guys heres some stuffs-

first and foremost- stevehale needs more love. he's not feeling it enough from you'z guy'z. give it to him now weither he wants it or not!

the actual changes-

Adjusted the Evasive Maneuvers and Impuse Burst recharge reduction granted by Conn Duty Officers.

Emergency Power to Shields has been removed from the category cooldown shared with Reverse Shield Polarity and Extend Shields.

i personally feel the emergency power to shields SHOULD still share a cooldown with rsp, but not with extend shields. otherwise all the changes from last week are mostly good. a few minor tweeks would make them better (but thats a deeper science issue)
apparently the borg 4 set is being broken into 2 seperate 3 sets. this means no more 2+2 for most builds and the 3+1 will be out the window.

the ramifications to this are not fully known but the major visable effect will be a reduction in "free" heals. this is a good step. however there are other more visable "free heals" that need to be adjusted first. (BFI and TT being the 2 that come to mind)

the general feeling about science (not my personal opinions though)

Poor performance sci skills:
- Scramble (only good at maxed out 3 too high opportunity cost)
- Energy Siphon (doesn't drain much but gives good return)
- PSW (too weak knock, stun resisted)
- GW (too weak max pull)
- ST (too short clearing)
- MES (well...)
- FBP (too high opportunity cost. only good for tacs)
- JS (useless in teamplay)
- Tachyon beam (does nothing because of resists)
- CPB (does nothing because of resists)
- Photonic officer (high opportunity cost, very little effect)

the time ship consoles needs adjusting, their consoles when combined are not resistable. this was stated from the start by borticus as intentional. now he's come back and said that its not intended for ANY ability in this game to not be resistable. please make up your mind.

everything else seems in good order.*

also, still no fleet marks for pvp, and i highly doubt there will be personal reputation for pvp either in season 7, come on cryptic and PWE, for PWE saying they sure love pvp they have yet to show it at all in this game. pvp is constantly being neglected and left out. way to show the love there.

anything else will be added and updated as usual.

-Mai Kai the Paperboy Guy-

*relatively speaking
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