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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
Ya I flew a shield strip build before it was cool as well... to be honest it was Over powered. Yes it required a full spec... but to be honest I would decloak my bop... and boom people would explode... or be left so close to dead that the fight was over.

I honesty agree with Cryptic that Sci skills SHOULD be resistable, Not just counterable... now it could be argued that the amount of resist is to high... I simply think it is to easy to protect oneself across the board...

In my perfect version of a STO skill tree I would like to see people forced to make real choices... so that one min maxed sci built could be negated but not while properly defending against another. Right now as I have said it is so easy to have 50+ points in all the sci resist branches that most people do just that....

Having said that perhaps CPB and Tachyon do need a 10-20% bump... and more and I feer they would simply become Overpowered once more if the skill tree is ever updated.

On the borg + maco thing.... well shortly you won't be able to combo borg Shield heals with Maco shields anymore.... That is the best news I have heard for balance in a long time really. I mean if CPB does become a skill with less resistance again... if people run borg shields they will be stripped fairly easily.
maybe with regard to resist and armor, it should be a separate gated thing like space and ground is. you can only put so many points into it, and if you went 9 to energy armor and insulators you wouldn't have enough points to put into any other defense. maybe no minimum limit, just a max limit, so the care bears don't wine about mean pvp'ers forcing them to put points in defensive skills
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