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10-18-2012, 03:59 AM
I'm going to miss my 2+2's. I think the issue with the 3+1 was kind of obvious, and I can see where they wanted to fix that. Given their going with the secondary set thing - it kind of limited their options. Still, I'm going to miss my 2+2's.

I think the Borg secondary's kind of funny - given the discussion about Plasma in PvP. Tada, Plasma Torp Launcher... /cough The kinetic damage on the beam might be interesting - once shields are down...depending on how that works.

I'm even more curious about what the Romulan Rep gear is going be like - given the changes they made to the Borg stuff.

Kind of puts things in a sort of limbo - and - buying even more character slots lurks on the horizon.

S7 will be interesting one way or the other.