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10-18-2012, 04:26 AM
Simple word of advice:

Don't completely trash your current build just because they're getting rid of the ability to get the "3 piece" shield regen unless you're running all 3 pieces of "borg"...

If the shield is that integral to the build, go ahead and slap the Borg imp. engine into your build. Yeah, you lose a little turn benefit etc., but as a 'scort you'll go from turning within a dime to turning on a dime...

If the turn rate is much more important to your build, then by all means, slot either full aegis (for the 3 piece aegis bonus), or just stick with a 2 piece bonus (omega's tet glider is one of the better 2-piece only bonuses, and the borg set hull regen is almost as good...)
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