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10-18-2012, 06:02 AM
It's a tough call.
I like the current turn rate, it's nice and means I don't need to keep making u-turn movements to get forward-facing to a target.

Well, I'm only running 3 borg pieces at current, but as the console won't be in the set and I lose the shield bonus, so I'm wondering if the current build will provide as much protection as it did.

Not that the proc fired all that often, but it was a life saver when it did.
I guess the bigger question is what kind of shield I prefer - lower shield strength + higher regen or higher shield strength + lower regen.

The Aegis fits the second category, the Borg one fits the first.

It's all a tough call - I liked it the way it was before, it worked so well.
Full Aegis would be nice, but am wondering if maybe using a regenerative shield (like the Borg shield) would give good results. It's just the regen rate is usually not as good as the Borg shield.