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# 22 wow.
10-18-2012, 07:26 AM
LOL what has this turned into??? lol Look it's easier for me to throw heals when your on teamspeak so I can hear, "ohh dang i'm out of heals" then I give what I can. If you hear someone else on TS saying I got you. Do you still waste your heals??? No. Dannyboy is afraid of a 1v1 cause I would show him off and i would never let him live it down. And now for some reason "instagib"(one hit kills) are a bad thing??? I have kept my weapon power at 25. While maxing out my DPS. This Feedback Pulse build just helps with taking down most noobs and keeping Elites off my back. But don't mistake me for a one pony show. I still have my Viral Matrix build and my pve build.