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So what to do? We've got players who are beyond redemption who screw things up for everyone else, and we've got players who are trying to learn but just might make mistakes. How do we balance a merciful solution that doesn't punish anyone for leaving if they're left with no other choice, and doesn't discourage new players from learning?
I don't know. What is 'beyond redemption'?

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My proposed solution is a "Vote End" function. Rather than voting to kick any one player, this would be a function to simply end the STF with no leaver fees. If three players on a team agree that the team is incapable of moving on, they can activate a vote function to simply end the STF with no penalty to anyone on the team. This allows everyone to reset and doesn't allow for any functional abuse. A "Vote End" function is the best answer!
How about creating an algorithm that automatically replaces 'afk' players? If the player does not show a significant amount of involvement, the STF will automatically replace them with another person. Solution solved.

When it comes to the optional objectives, why not extend their time period in the normal stfs? It will allow veteran players to teach new players without the pressure of a timer.

Cryptic has already started on a solution. Once the reputation system comes out, every player will be able to get the recruit, veteran, and elite items. You will not have to worry about timers, random drops, and pugs.

Why should three people be allowed to end a stf; thus, allowing three players to punish a fourth player for a fifth player's actions? If three players leave a stf, due to the actions of one player, all four players should be hit with a leaver penalty. Why? It simple. All four players caused problems for an innocent bystander.

Anything that puts players in control of other players will lead to abuse.

I would just setup behind the scenes algorithms to deal with the issues.

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Always a hot topic of discussion is what to do with STFs when someone goes AFK, or when a team has newbies who won't listen to instruction, or who don't speak the language, and just can't complete the tasks at hand...
What makes you think what you have to say is important? What makes you so special? If you can answer those two questions objectively, without an ounce of subjectivity, I will then take what you have to say into consideration. When things go horribly wrong in stfs, the vocal players spam the chatbox with hate and discrimination. As someone who is an innocent bystander, I close the chatbox when the first player yelps out. I don't want to read your complaints about other players. I also don't want you to tell me what to do. I want to play the stfs according to my own style.

I am suggesting algorithms to control the issue, and you are suggesting they should give you power.

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