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10-18-2012, 07:45 AM
1.Assignment: Negotiate Additional Delivery of Rare Commodities is not spawning anymore in the last 5 days and i've searched in specified locations. (Uncommon ? , it's more like Very rare assignment.)
2. Since i finished Assignment chain: Children's Toys i got only 8 (eight) strange alien artifacts.
3. The first console was a purple one (something about recovering shields) so the chance for 1st console is purple 100%, confirmed by many players. (sold on exchange for 5 mil- i needed money to buy some doffs)
4. The other 2 console were Green and both were Pre-fire chambers (in a row ofc, at few days difference )
5. 2 strange Artifacts i sold them fast on exchange and now i have saved 3 artifacts in my inventory...
6. I'm thinking it's better to sell strange/powered artifacts on exchange, trying to craft them it's a waste of time and resources, also i Might ignore this assignment and stop wasting time to search it in the next future..
Or i might save a good stack of powered artifacts then i'll start the crafting assignment for chance test and i will make a table on wikia ,same as Fleet_Engineering_Personnel-Common Quality Duty Officer pack chances
<br>(i'll give it one more try to craft ,soon,and if still Pre-fire green then screw it -might be bugged - lots of assignments are bugged , for example klingon interior chef assignments when if you try to start assignment then close interface ,the assignments gets cooldowns - crafting assignments from Tribble tufflis )

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Seems there is a high chance for pre-fire chamber green consoles..

Originally Posted by grnlbrtnfrnt View Post
I feel I can say in confidence that either some consoles have been weighted higher than others to appear or there is some kind of bug with the odds. It could be on purpose to keep us chasing the carrot.
There are 19 Engineering Consoles
There are 12 Science Consoles
There are 16 Tactical Consoles
(normal ,not special ones)

and from all these , ppl gets mostly Pre-fire chambers or same consoles ?? This is "weird" don't you think ?? the obtaining pecentage is not random, it is pre-made

Originally Posted by grnlbrtnfrnt View Post
The issue IMO is that the is very little variety in the actual console. I can tell that other people are having the same results because it isnt even worth trying to sell some of them anymore. No one wants them in the first place and there are like 200 listed at any time.
well ~40 consoles it's not low ( The Commodities are fewer but you don't receive same commodity from ""Disable freighter"" assignment everytime..that i call it real Random chance) but we will see in chat, ppl offering for free , some purple mk12 consoles due to the higher percentage drops and other (rarer) consoles types being on auction for more than 50 mil..and lots of ppl will use inferior consoles..

Edit: I needed 2 purple tacti console and i bought them from exchange for 1 mil. each with the money from selling first purple console .Other equipped consoles right now are normal blue MK11
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