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# 739 Why all the dhc?
10-18-2012, 07:47 AM
I dont understand why everyone only uses dhcs...

I run 1 DHC, 1 DC, 1 Torp, and 1 DBB.

Rear 2 turrets and 1 tricobalt mine.

Running it this way my power level NEVER and i repeat NEVER drops below 85.

The ONLY time it gets even that low is immediately following a beam overload. (then it only takes a sec or so before its back up above 100 again.

Running all DHCs makes them fire at the same time. When 2 weaps fire at the same time, your power level drops.

By having only turrets matching, my power rarely drops ever. 100 % DPS all the time

I read one post earlier that said that with their 3 dhc's they only drop to 50 power... well at 50 power your shots are only doing 1/2 damage. The dhcs dont do that much better dps to justify nerfing all your damage(minus torps) that much.

And why would you run 3 turrets? those mines absolutely DESTROY anything it hits. you fire 1 volley at the probes to drop their shields, lay 1 beta dispersal III, mine drop and they are all dead. Ive seen that do 200-250K damage to donatra on one drop. how long would it take a turret to do that?

Give it a shot guys, i guarantee youll like it.