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10-18-2012, 08:00 AM
Thanks for the feedback, diogene0. When you refer to assets, I assume you are referring to the Fek'Ihri themselves and their ships. I found the combat, both in terms of its goals and its environments, to be sufficient diverse. But due to the lore-rich nature of the story, I may simply have a special place in my heart for the missions=).

I actually think the Fek'Ihir return shows a nice balance between pew pew and dialogue. Think about the lore singers, the conversations with Kahless, the conversations with the barge rowers (okay the dialogue here is a bit tedious since you have to say the same thing to all of them), even the dialogue with J'mpok about the response of the high council.

But as you say, this is a matter of preference. I like fish, maybe you like steak; at least we get something to eat in the end=)

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