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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Beams have suffered becuase the NPCs HP and other stats where raised becuse even beam boats at the time found the Borg too easy to kill.

Follow that change with the changes made to Bfaw and beams in general from the Accuracy miss changes, and thats why beams now fall short in DPS unless you buff them with overclocked weapons power, nadion inversion, EPS transfer, DEM, BO or any of the Tac Captain powers.

Beam arrays at mk12 white have a damage profile of 220 DPV / 176 DPS with a 250 firing arc.
Single cannons at mk12 white have a damage profile of 159 DPV / 212 DPS with a 180 firing arc.

Boosting the DPS of BA to near cannon quality means you would have to lose something in the trade like firing arc or DPV.
Or boost single cannons up to a higher firing arc and buff DPV?
I can live with that 180 fire arc as l long as I get the damage. Or they can replace single cannons with beams ,since they are not used that much. DHC's are more commonly used to deal damage. If you get rid of single cannons and put beams at the DPS rate of single cannons that would help even the gap between DHC's and beams.

If you were in a 5 man team, 2 dropped out and it takes an hour or more to beat Elite Infected with beams, when the last time you played with just 3 in a team while using cannons it took 30 mins or less to beat the same scenerio, wouldn't you notice the difference? The difference is too great to make an excuse for it. On top of that, beams comming from a Galaxy-R is that much more weaker than other cruisers. It's like the Galaxy-R is a tier 5 ship with tier 4 power.