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10-18-2012, 08:05 AM
Seeing people with Airheading beam builds in elite STFs often usually means the chances of getting the optional drop well over 50% in my experience, though some have come out OK... I just wish something could be done to the actual stats to make it not so attractive to those who don't understand what procs/what doesnt proc together.

Even just a 1 liner in the tooltip stating:
"2.5%: .... (Note: This effect will not activate if a different weapon effect is active)" or "Note: It is suggested you use 1 energy type to increase your chances of a weapon effect activating)"

would help keep Airheading beam builds and Skittle cannon builds down (I choose calling these builds airhead beams because they look more like a pack of airheads exploding than rainbows shooting out in my opinion) some I think for those who don't read the forums or check mechanics.
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