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Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
If you're not going to do what's necessary to complete the tasks, and you're not going to listen to the instruction on how to: you're a griefer. Being self centered, and refusing to be a team player is not fair to those who work together. At a minimum, they should have the power to distance themselves from 'your style', penalty free.
Yes, the stfs are setup with certain tasks; however, you cannot change or force people to learn them. Many people learn them through observation; thus, whatever is said in chatbox will usually get ignored.

(1) You cannot force people to change.
(2) You should not punish people for their learning curve.
(3) You should not punish people for how they learn.
(4) You should not punish people for the time it takes them to learn.

Not everything is in black and white. Independent players like to learn on their own, so they will go through a 'trial and error' process. When I was learning how to build computers, I ripped apart my entire system. I observed how things were setup, pulled things apart, and then put everything back together. My errors allowed me to dig deeper into the mechanics; thus, I was able to formulate the appropriate questions. Even though I eventually learned certain complexities in college, my initial learning experience came from 'trial and error'.

I am a mechanically inclined individual who doesn't wait for someone to say go. I don't need someone to tell me what to do. I jump into the pool to see if I can swim. Even though I will be faced with failures, I will use them to drive me towards success. Once I have certain questions in place, I will then seek out their complexities.

I don't care if you fail during my process.

If you cannot see this game as a form of entertainment, you are taking this experience to an extremely serious level. Nothing we do in this environment affects real life. When a new player blotches an stf, you should be laughing and enjoying the experience. New players will eventually learn. Once you start to lighten up the atmosphere, new players will feel more relaxed to ask questions.

Your gaming experience will remain tense, for as long as you keep taking a serious approach.

Relax, laugh, exercise patience, and enjoy the fun.

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