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# 1 Repulser Beams
10-18-2012, 09:01 AM
Playing nothing but PUGs for months now, I've learned to take most happenings in STF's in stride. There's only one thing that really still pisses me off. Take a guess.

Out of hundreds of STFs I can count on one hand, with digits to spare, the number of times a Repulser Beam was 1)needed and 2)actually used correctly. I can recount many more moments of hilarity. Like pushing probes through the portal on KASE (2 points!). Or pushing Raptors towards the Kang. (Turbo fail!)

More often however, it goes like this... Activate TacTeam, Emergency Power to Weapons, Attack Pattern Omega and Rapid Fire. FIRE! And just then, the enemy is pushed a hundred kilometers away. It's at this point I go find something else to do. Unless it's the final boss battle. Then I just shut down the engines and relax. I've grown tired of playing "chase the NPC".

I am not going to kid myself here. I know what I am about to ask will never happen. They will not restrict an ability. Regardless... CAN WE BAN REPULSER BEAMS FROM PVE EVENTS PLEASE!

OK. Maintenance time is almost over. I can go back to watching enemy ships being pushed all over creation.

Good day all.