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10-18-2012, 09:05 AM
I primarily play engineer and fly cruisers, but the Galaxy-X and Chimaera are my faves. This is my primary layout on a cruiser used for general PvE play:

Fore: 3x Beam Array (personally, the polarized tetryon are nice for the proc rate, but phasers are a classic), 1x Torpedo (I like quantum for the cooldown vs damage)

Aft: 3x Beam Array, 1x Mine (I like chroniton mines for the slowing effect)

Deflector: Aegis for Defense, or Breen for the EPS bonus

Engines: Aegis for Defense, or Breen for the EPS bonus

Shield: Aegis for Defense, or Jem'Hadar, or other shield with resistances

Devices: I use a shield battery, subspace field modulator, scorpion fighters, and a weapons battery

Eng Consoles: Saucer Sep, Neutronium Alloy x3

Sci Consoles: Field Generator x3

Tactical Console: Energy Type x2

Here is a possible skill build if you're wanting to go for a more attack based one:

The warp core improvements and performance skills are pretty nice, but you don't usually want to put the system performances up to rank nine because the benefit is minimal (I did for weapon performance for the EPtW 3).

Ship power:

Weapons: Secondary (the performance skill will boost this, as will EPtW, so set it fairly high)

Shield: Priority (set it high enough that EPtS will set your power to 125)

Engines: Minimum (combat engines and performance skills should make it barely noticable since cruisers broadside)

Aux: Everything else (to boost abilities)