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Originally Posted by azniadeet View Post
And the new player will learn even faster if their actions have the consequence of the STF failing. The problem is not with people who are willing to learn, it's with people who, for whatever reason, are preventing the tasks at hand from being accomplished. People need to realize that their personal approach has effects on the way other people spend their time. It's amazing that you preach 'exercizing patience' in the same breath that you say "I don't wait for someone to say go".

You don't care if your teammates fail during your process.

The admission of that kind of selfishness is the best argument I've ever heard for a 'vote kick'.
Sorry. I am not a player who needs someone to hold my hand.

I can learn on my own through a trial and error process. Once certain questions do arise, I will then seek out their answers.

Not everything is in black and white.

Please reread my posts to see the flaw in your approach.

How about the player who has learning issues? Some players suffer from ADHD. Some are slower learners than others. How would you approach them? Do you yell at them for causing you to fail? Or, do you use patience? Are you going to 'vote kick' someone for not being able to keep up? Many of those people have their own style of learning.

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