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10-18-2012, 09:07 AM
1 more console is a fairly big deal. The Korath Tipler console actually helps a great deal with survivability (and cant be mounted in anything but a Krenn or Korath), though the Manheim is just not worth it imho.

I personally don't think the accuracy bonus from Tac mode in the 1000 day is worth it in PvE, and the Lotus is just not powerful enough (maybe if it always hit your target, plus a random number of others?). Battle Cloak is nice, but I'd rather have it as an option, not a built-in. Maybe adding a slot and giving it a battle cloak console would help.

The pivot point on the Krenn feels further forward than anything else (save maybe a BoP?) but the weapon arc seems to be further up at the nose only... I have to swap back and forth to a few ships to see, but I often am surprised that my DHCs aren't firing when I think I have the target in my arc. It may take some getting used to.

To be honest, I'm really hoping for a fix to the Qin's pivot plus a trend of applying ship-specific consoles to older craft instead of constantly feeding us new ship designs. A Qin variant with a themed Qin-only console that matches its role would be so nice.
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