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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Actually I think this points at a general problem we have: Too high energy totals.

A large number of issues (including the Offensive Engineer usefulness in PvP) could be solved by making additional power levels beyond the standard 200 harder to get. Or even have a lower base number to begin with... like, 100, with minimum level 5, not 25.
This has been the way it is since Launch. It has 0 reason to change now. None.
Also offense engineers are alot more useful than you think, especially with the coming change to the borg set. Mine commonly racks up 300k+ damage (that's within 100k of an Escorts totals), and a million heals (or better) most of which is External healing being thrown, in a typical arena. Where as my tac has 2 subystems at any time that are around 50 /25 my engineers 90 percent of the time, run 100+ across the board, without factoring in my maco bonuses.

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