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10-18-2012, 09:22 AM
I so agree! This is not a game breaking change but having normal engines and a capx3 would make me consider mixing and matching but still overall make the "marks" sets better. I would go so far as to say all the sets need a pass for usability as the third ability 3 set bonuses are just pitiful. While i uderstand the need for pvp balance, i think an inante non taggable ability would be better. Breen 3 piece - 2 power all systems enemy. +2 all levels you. Jem hadar remove the sweep and allow the victory is life for all ships. Khg forfet aoe stealth allow a bonus to stealth +5 for your ship only. Omega 3 piecebonus instead could insead be a 10% bonus to turn rate (ghetto rcs consule) remen set could have the built in point defense the plasma one from the preorder bonus bust it doesnt take a slot up. (it does 45 plasma damafe every 15 secs and randomly taegets nearest enemy). I dont ay fed so i dont knkw what would be cool for 3 piece maco. These arent groundbreaking but would allow all sets to be unique and different playstyles would make you go for different sets.