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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
You shouldn't restrict yourself upon this standard. Mine will probably be level 46+ and I don't mind if only 5 people play it, because I need a couple of undine mobs to build a consistent mission. I could choose something else but it wouldn't be good for immersion.

You didn't make a bad decision. People not having a lvl 50 kdf char did.
I was considering making a duplicate mission 'Cold Silence- Any Level' that would be the exact same mission but for anyone with a Klingon character but even within that mission caption I would put in "If you have a 31+ level character play 'Cold Silence' mission instead for the real experience (almost like the directors cut of the mission)"

But then I thought it wouldn't be fair within the competition because there would theoretically be two mission in there which isn't allowed.