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Originally Posted by valundario View Post
I dont understand why everyone only uses dhcs...

I run 1 DHC, 1 DC, 1 Torp, and 1 DBB.

Rear 2 turrets and 1 tricobalt mine.

Running it this way my power level NEVER and i repeat NEVER drops below 85.

The ONLY time it gets even that low is immediately following a beam overload. (then it only takes a sec or so before its back up above 100 again.

Running all DHCs makes them fire at the same time. When 2 weaps fire at the same time, your power level drops.

By having only turrets matching, my power rarely drops ever. 100 % DPS all the time

I read one post earlier that said that with their 3 dhc's they only drop to 50 power... well at 50 power your shots are only doing 1/2 damage. The dhcs dont do that much better dps to justify nerfing all your damage(minus torps) that much.

And why would you run 3 turrets? those mines absolutely DESTROY anything it hits. you fire 1 volley at the probes to drop their shields, lay 1 beta dispersal III, mine drop and they are all dead. Ive seen that do 200-250K damage to donatra on one drop. how long would it take a turret to do that?

Give it a shot guys, i guarantee youll like it.
Your power level isn't dropping because of the kinetic launchers, not because of the DCs.

I played around with a great many build types, including DBBs and settled on the 3 DHC, 2 Turret, 2 launcher build for some of my ships depending on the tac BOFF options.

My Fleet defiant looks like this,

Fore - 3 Mk12 Phaser DHCs, 1 Mk12 Quantum Torpedo
Aft - 2 Mk12 Phaser Turrets, 1 Mk12 Quantum Torpedo
Deflector - Borg (may pick up an adv. fleet positron deflector with accuracy)
Engine - Borg
Shield - MACO Mk12

Eng Cns - Mk12 Neutronium x2, Phaser PD
Sci Cns - Tachyokinetic converter, Assimilated Borg
Tac Cns - Mk12 Phaser Relays x4, Mk12 Quatum Console

TT1 - TS2 - CSV2 - CRF3
TT1 - APB1 - APO1

EptS1 - EptS2

HE1 - TSS2


1 Purple Cannon
2 Purple Damage Control
1 Purple Shield Distribution
1 Purple Space Borg Damage (Warp Core Engineer for fleet missions)

Weapons energy is at 95, and the rest is in engines.

Rarely have power issues per se, and it's quite rare that my hull gets low enough that I have to run (though it does happen from time to time.)

I have Mk12 AP cannons as well, and they do markedly more damage, but I find the phaser PD exceptionally handy against ships since it just rips them to shreds. I swap other consoles into that slot depending on the situation.

The reason I have an aft launcher is because I make attack passes. I'm ALWAYS moving to keep my defense up, and I weave in and out while trying to stay within 3.5km or less, as well as positioning to maximize CSV. In the long run, my aft torpedo spread volleys easily offset the loss of a turret. Basically I play my Defiant more like I play my Hegh'ta.