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06-27-2009, 10:58 PM
My tone reflects my disgust at the insinuation that AG made. Because I thought the interview was poorly done as interviews go in general and sounded more self-promoting and preachy than as an attempt to honestly make a difference or give knowledge regarding the game to his readers.

So not only does he insinuate that I'm somehow mocking, berating, or suggesting disabled persons be ignored but then he backhandedly wishes disability upon me or otherwise assures me that I will feel his pain one day with:

odds are you will eat your words some day
But to post something that is just nasty only makes you look dumb, and will make for some great irony in the future.
So you can hopefully see why I'm less than enamored with the prestigious AG.

My tone came across as condescending yet the tone AG took with Zinc himself wasn't the least bit self-righteous or pompous or condescending?

Now that we have had a chance to talk, do you think that there are a few things that you may want to revisit in the game?
I can practically see the pat on the head as he tells Zinc to "Run along and develop a game for me."

and hope to god you don't have a bad day
You do realize that the Joker attempted to drive Commissioner Gordon insane while constantly muttering that same line. "One bad day is all it takes to drive a good man mad" to paraphrase him.

If they want their life to remain the way it is, fine. Some want it to improve.
How is striving to be self reliant without unnecessarily inconveniencing or disrupting other peoples lives not improving ones life? How is his making various devices to aid him in his daily life and taking these tasks upon himself not a positive thing? When he comes to a road block he can't pass alone he gets assistance.

What the interview DID was let people know that Ablegamers existed.
Exactly. He asked nothing that would lead one to believe he was making a real effort to assist in the development of a game that would take into consideration the inabilities some gamers might face. He offered no examples of things that might be considered for enhancements to the game to make it easier. He didn't even mention something as simple as including driver support for voice command or limited motion peripherals! I, the mustache twirling villain of these forums was the one that first mentioned this suggestion! I'm the one who doesn't have a website to promote and I'm the one that is offering up ideas of how to make the game easier and more accessible to persons with disabilities yet I'm the evil person here....

He was getting his site's name out there. This was an ad not an interview. That's exactly what I said in my initial post and you just reinforced it in your quote. I was then subjected to hateful comments and wishes of my banishment and suggestive wishings that I become severely disabled.

The first time anyone EVER brings the subject up on the forums, and several people feel the need to spew intolorance all over it.
Actually one of the previous respondents brought this subject up several days prior to this interview. They even linked to their thread. It has also been brought up in other threads as well. The difference was, unlike in this interview, they all offered suggestions and thoughts as to how to make the game better for the disabled.

As far as the "disabled people should just suck it up and quit complaining" tone of the rest of your post goes...well I am just embarrassed for you.
Oh, like the guy who mad the stick and pedal control setup with the holes drilled out of a cutting board? That's some inspirational inventiveness. That's what I'm talking about. It's easy to talk the game and tell developers they should design their games this way and that way. Its another thing entirely to get out and do something about it. The guy on AbleGamers who is shown in the slides with his elaborate home-made setup and the person(s) who helped him in making it "sucked it up" and molded what the world gave them into something that worked for them. They didn't sit there writing to developers asking them to make a game controller especially for him. They got industrious. Like humans have been doing since we invented tools.

That's not only "sucking it up" that's an example of humanity at it's finest and should be seen as an inspiration.

I was pleased to see the AbleGamers interview, bringing news of the existence of Star Trek Online to an audience which might not have been fully aware of it otherwise.
So you're saying because someone is disabled they some how totally miss all the coverage from the numerous large reputable gaming sites on the internet? You're saying that anyone that is disabled and a gamer only goes to this site? Disabled gamers don't know what IGN is?

If Maxim magazine interviewed Zn, they'd ask about how sexy the female character models were, and how little you could dress them in; if Vogue magazine interviewed, they'd want to know about the color pallettes available in the character costuming, and so on ...
I don't know the last time (if ever) you read a MAXIM magazine but they have honest to goodness articles about the quality of the games not just if you can alter a female avatars chest size. Just like their target demographic I'm sure AbleGamers' target demographic isn't solely concerned with "is this accessible to me" but also with "What ships can I fly?" "What are the Borg up to?"

You seem to think that just because this interview was done for a site targeted for people with disabilities that they shouldn't have had some real info about the game itself.