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10-18-2012, 10:21 AM
Originally Posted by trygvar13 View Post
I have to this day not won a single ship out of those bloody lockboxes. Just some usuless bonuses and a shipload of Gamma Quadrant DOFF's... And considering the prices of any of those ships on Exchange I'm never going to get one. I've been playing since Day1 and I never had more than 2.5mil at most. At least we lifers finally got a ship...
I'm in the same boat you are buddy! Have friends who have either gotten 2-3 of the same ship or have at least 1 of each of the lockbox ships, but I haven't unlocked one. The only one I'm REALLY interested in is a Romulan lockbox if one is ever made so who knows... Maybe my luck is holding out for that one!