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Originally Posted by davidfloresii View Post
The list is pretty accurate. Though Feedback Pulse III can be boosted to feedback 100% dmg., great against those pumped up tacts. Though Viral Matrix III w/doff is a better all around skill. Also scramble senors are good for messing up the healers. Switch there target to one of your own or to another one of there teammates that don't need it. That can be all it takes for your teammates to finish off that other player. Then causing them to target you, while you Feedback Pulse them back.
If you're a Tac captain you can boost it well past 200%...

Borg Negh'Var Warship deals 50144 (96677) Electrical Damage to you with Isometric Charge.

Your Feedback Pulse III deals 293399 (243519) FeedbackPulse(Critical) to Borg Negh'Var Warship.
Still, it's crazy opportunity cost that does nothing but move your teammates ahead of you on the priority target list...or earn you a SNB with your TSS already on CD. :/