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10-18-2012, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by davidfloresii View Post
Dannyboy is afraid of a 1v1 cause I would show him off and i would never let him live it down. And now for some reason "instagib"(one hit kills) are a bad thing???
Actually, If you develop your reading comprehension just a smidgen, you would see that I actually said you're free to challenge me any time I'm online if you like. They trouble is I'm not playing STO very much at the minute, so that might be tougher than it sounds.
It will be pointless because
A) It will likely be a draw
B) 1v1's are pointless
But by all means fire away.

One shots with a tricobalt and the struggle to land one on bare hull are cool and very skillful.
Instagibs with freak crits through full shields are pretty skillless
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