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Head to Starfleet Academy. In the round building near the water, there's a personnel officer. Talk to them and take the General Recruitment (gives a pack of random doffs), Tactical, Engineering, Science, and Civil Corps recruitments (2 random doffs of the specific devision). There's also Vulcan, Andorian, and Telarite exchange officers around the grounds, their missions give you one random doff of the specified race.

These assignments all have cooldowns between 24 and 36 hours, but if you stay on top of them you can get a bit over 30 doffs a week.

There's some occasional cultural exchange missions around various sectors. Some require giving up one of your doffs for one of theirs, others are just a freebie.

When you have a large enough crew to be comfortable, you can trade in 5 of one quality for 1 of the next quality for a dilithium fee, or 1 for 3 of the next quality lower for free. This is done through other options from the same contact as most recruitment.