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My hope (optimistic though it maybe) is that ultimately, there is only one villain in the background.

Think of it in these terms - We are at war with the Federation because of the Undine, who are undermining all governments in the two quadrants. At the same time, the Fek'Ihri just happen to return and weaken our ability to fight a full war with the Federation, and their focus is diminished by new incursions from the Wormhole at DS9 as well as True Way and other minor threats. Meanwhile, the Borg have happened to get close enough to make everyone sit up and take notice.

Behind all this, we see several mentions of a hidden Iconian threat - always a single ship or single point of contact.

Perhaps as the game reaches a more complete stage, we will come to discover the true influence behind all these coincidental threats? Some singular Iconian remnant come to life to pull at the strings of Borg, Undine, Fek'Ihri alike?

Or perhaps my expectations are set too high.

EDIT: Noteworthy - I do see the "minor" foes we (all of STO) face as opportunistic carrion feeders. The Devidians especially, but True Way, Tholian, and Breen are just as guilty of taking advantage of the primary galactic conflict to carve out something for themselves. I don't see any of them as major roles in the overall galactic story. Some part of me hopes that as they push up the level limit, and increase our involvement in the bigger arcs, we will be forced to chose which conflict we will become entangled in: Fek'Ihri (or Mirror for Fed?), Federation, or Borg. Mastery in one leading to access to some final Iconian conflict?
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