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10-18-2012, 12:03 PM
impulse engines need a rethink. i don't think they get better as you level, going from a mkXI to XII omega engine, i noticed my turn rate and speed not increase at all, whats the point of them haveing a MK then?

its impossible to have low energy and be effective, your defense score will be a huge liability, you will get circles flyed around you, trying to evasive away simply wont work with a combat engine and you have to have a terrible skill build to somehow not have over 50 engine power. heres what impulse engines need to do

combat- innate turn 3 before any other modifiers, normal energy curve

standard, 1 turn, 1 speed, 1 full, 1, aux thruster mod all innate, normal energy curve

hyper- innate speed 3, high energy curve

and there needs to be a level based buff to speed and turn every level, that works.
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