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impulse engines need a rethink. i don't think they get better as you level, going from a mkXI to XII omega engine, i noticed my turn rate and speed not increase at all, whats the point of them haveing a MK then?

its impossible to have low energy and be effective, your defense score will be a huge liability, you will get circles flyed around you, trying to evasive away simply wont work with a combat engine and you have to have a terrible skill build to somehow not have over 50 engine power. heres what impulse engines need to do

combat- innate turn 3 before any other modifiers, normal energy curve

standard, 1 turn, 1 speed, 1 full, 1, aux thruster mod all innate, normal energy curve

hyper- innate speed 3, high energy curve

and there needs to be a level based buff to speed and turn every level, that works.
I found if I ignored the tooltip and fitted mkxi vs mkxii there is a difference and mkxii is better fyi.


55.42 flight speed 36.3 turnrate vs 54.84 flight speed 36.3 turn rate. slight difference

Aegis 54.40 fs, 35.2 turnrate

romulan 37.71 fs, 34.1 turnrate

khg mkxii 36.03 fs, 37.4 turnrate

all at 109/100 engine power

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