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Originally Posted by robuille View Post
For a couple of months I have been reporting cheating to the staff here through the Request GM Help menu. Since these reports I have not received a single response to the status of the complaint. In addition, I have some pretty solid evidence of the cheats, or at least evidence that the players I reported have been masking their existence in combat logs to mask evidence of bot, addon, and mod usage.

So far, no response from the complaints department. Completely ignored. Bots, adds and mods have not only gone unpunished as I've encountered the same players and player accounts in pvp over and over again, but the use of these cheat programs seems to be spreading. I have encountered more and more players capable of sustaining over 300k in damage without having to heal. Some of them deliberately flaunting the cheat by letting opponents in a 3v1 (in one instance I was involved in) continuously fire on them for minutes before bothering to engage them.

As a player who owns all Mk XII purple tac consoles on a tac officer in a Jem'Hadar Attack ship and is well educated on skill point distribution, it is apparent that the (unknown entity) in the combat log that is taking damage from players as well as dispatching them, is cheating. (my attempt to assure readers that I am not presenting this issue with knowlege gaps in this game's mechanics).

So I pose my question..., is anyone working in the quality assurance department or am I sending my serious concerns regarding Star Trek Online's integrity to an empty office? And if someone is working these cases then why does the problem keep getting worse (I'll admit the possibility of subjectivity on that particular)? And why have I not received a single response?

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Could someone on the Cryptic/Perfect World staff respond to this post?

I look forward to an answer. This issue has all but ruined my STO gaming experience and this is a game I really don't want to give up on.

Thank you for your time.
Keep in mind that any action taken on a player is governed by PWE Privacy Policy and is only disclosed to the player to whom the action pertains. It is never released in any other manner, and you will never receive an update on the investigation by PWE staff.

The only acknowledgement you will EVER get from PWE staff is that the complaint has been received and appropriate measures will be taken (and how appropriate those actions are is solely at the discretion of the GM investigating the complaint).

So, if you're waiting for PWE to tell you the results of the investigation, unfortunately, don't hold your breath. Also, simply because that player wasn't permabanned doesn't mean any action wasn't taken. As a permanent ban is the virtual game world equivalent of the death penalty, understandably it's only used in the most grevious of violations and no lesser action would be warranted.