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10-18-2012, 11:41 AM
Still around. Been really busy, played TOR a bit, now waiting for the F2P and paid character transfer so I can consolidate my characters to bring them together. Tried GW2, meh.

I am sorta back into STO for the time being. Got Alekks up to Vice Admiral and just got my first alt to Rear Admiral yesterday and have another alt at Captain that is currently not in the Fleet.

I have been chipping away with Starbase projects as best my characters can at the moment, a few items and DOffs here and there, more to come as I get heavier into the newer missions with the Breen and Tholians.

I have noticed it appears that has gone away or is down. I can get a free website up for the fleet that we can use, if very few people are playing it is a waste of money to pay for a domain name that will just collect dust.

I thought the Season 6 with the Fleet Starbases in a F2P environment would bring a lot of folks back, maybe not. We'll see what Season 7 does to the roster in November, but if nobody is going to come back, it may be time to turn the lights off and scatter or keep going and see if folks come back later. I would really hate to see all the efforts that have been made to the Fleet Starbase go to waste, especially the tremendous efforts put into it by Hatu, TheWon and BDS. It would be a shame to see that go to waste.

I am usually on three or four nights a week, so if you pop in shoot me a Hello or if you folks just want to chat the Teamspeak server is still operating as I have been keeping that going all this time. It's relatively cheap and it works well, so use it for either STO or TOR or whatever game you're playing. Just please make sure you use your STO handle in case I pop in and see a bunch of unknowns using it, because they'll probably get kicked It's a tool for our use and since it is still running without needing a password to get in, it could easily be abused. FYI

Have fun,