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10-18-2012, 11:42 AM
Based on the chart on STO wiki for the lockbox drop chance, and the item costs as of a few days ago I came up with an expectation value for a temporal lockbox to be 957K, whereas a key is worth 1.4 million. So unless you *need* the lobi for the BOP items you should only considering buying a Well from the AH.

The two most valuable parts of the Temporal box are the temporal science vessel, 72 million credits (on exchange) with a 0.4% drop chance = 276k/box expecatation, and Lobi crystals which are worth about 90k a pop (72 million for a mobius/800 crystals per), and you get 5.4 of them per box, so 490k value per box.

Even if you want both a wells and a mobius you're still better off paying EC, and if you want zen-> EC buy master keys and sell on the exchange.

I screwed this up, I had 569 crystals from dilithium + stipend zen -> master keys and I bought my way up to 800 lobi to get a mobius which cost me 55 million credits, whereas I could have spent 10 million credits, got the temporal warfare set, and then bought a mobius later (or with equivalent Real money -> EC) to get the temporal warfare set. Oops. Big big oops.

The lockboxes are nothing but gambling, and lossy gambling at that. So avoid them so long as other people (like me!) do the math after they wasted their money.

IMO they should make the lobi crystal rewards and the lockbox ships account unlocks, that would significantly boost the value of the boxes without significantly boosting the value of the boxes (you can only fly one ship on one character at a time, so it won't screw up game balance, but it would make the boxes much more appealing, more value to a person, but not more value to a character). That or they need to significantly boost the Lobi rewards or something.